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We’re RADCAT DESIGN, an award-winning design and development studio based out of sunny Bend, Oregon. We started SUPERSHINE to offer you the designs you need, at a price you love, and with quality you trust.

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Once you’ve selected a plan you can start sending task requests our way and we will jump right in and get started. Easy as that!


Receive Your Designs within 48 hours

We recognize the importance of agility. That’s why we deliver iterations within a tight time-frame. Life moves quick!


Swift revisions until you’re 100% satisfied

Our goal is to provide work that is flawless and we won’t rest until we reach that point.

our latest work

Sunshine Report

Not a bird or a plane. It’s Chop! Bringing you a glimpse of our latest design work across various industries.
don’t forget about the trees
For every completed design task, we’ll plant a tree in your name to give back to our beautiful planet.
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Traditional design projects can take unexpected turns. Allow Rokkit and Rekkit guide you along the optimal path to the sunshine.
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Unlimited requests

Create your own queue and load up as many tasks as you want. We’ll chip away as we go.

Speedy Delivery

We’ve built a team around designers who are efficient so you can move with agility.

Pro Quality

Through years of experience we’ve refined a palette for excellence that we’re proud of.

Flat Monthly Rate

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. We want to focus on the work, not on a tapestry of invoices and billing.

Unique Designs

We seek to know the personality of each brand we work with so our designs feel like ‘home’.

Success Tracking

With Trello, we give you access to see the progress of each task and stay up-to-date.

Our Sunshine Recipe
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Stress-free flexible pricing at a fraction of the cost of a single full-time employee. Lock in our early riser rates while they’re still here.

No commitment. Cancel, upgrade, or pause anytime. FAQS

1 Active Task At A Time
Unlimited Design Tasks
Unlimited Webflow Tasks
Unlimited Revisions
Dedicated Task Board

No commitment. Cancel, upgrade, or pause anytime. FAQS

2 Active Tasks At A Time
Everything in Starter
2D Lottie Web Animations
3D Spline Web Animations
Monthly Strategy Call
Everything in Starter and Pro
3+ Active Tasks At A Time
Unlimited React Tasks

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Why use Supershine vs. an in-house designer?

Choosing an in-house senior designer certainly has its merits, but it comes with a significant investment — over $100,000 annually when you consider salary, benefits, taxes, and those well-deserved vacation days. At SUPERSHINE, we celebrate these talented individuals and offer an alternative: access to a diverse team of creative experts — from top-tier senior designers and innovative developers to imaginative animators. You gain the collective skills and creativity of an entire team, all for just a fraction of the cost. It's about expanding your creative possibilities while being economically savvy!

Where is your team based out of?

We're a fully remote team bringing you sunshine from Bend, OR USA, UK, and Brazil!

Is there a task limit?

You may make as many task requests as you can. Depending on your subscription plan, you will have one, two or more active tasks being worked on at a time.

How fast will I receive my designs?

We strive to complete all tasks within two days. However, there may be some cases where a request takes longer depending on its complexity. In that case, we will provide updates and continue working towards finishing your task.

Which programs do you design in?

The majority of requests are designed using Figma.

Why do you use Webflow for website development?

Webflow lets us visually build custom, professional websites with clean and optimized backend code. Key advantages are its easy-to-use CMS for content updates and faster visual workflow compared to traditional coding.

What if I don't like the design?

We're here to help you create a design that you love, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback. We'll keep iterating and refining the work together until you're thrilled with the end result.

Why no calls or meetings?

We respect your time and keep projects moving smoothly via task details and feedback in Trello, without the need for constant meetings. Our Pro plan includes a monthly strategic call.

How can I manage my subscription?

Easily manage your subscription in Stripe - upgrade, pause or cancel anytime. Pausing postpones your next bill for as long as you need. We're happy to explain options to fit your goals.

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Are refunds available if unsatisfied?

We guarantee full refunds if requested within the initial 30-day period. Please keep in mind that any work for which a refund is issued must not be used for commercial purposes. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service quality, ensuring your complete satisfaction consistently.

Do you offer 3D services?

Yes, our Pro and Super packages include custom 3D animations and interactions created with Spline and seamlessly integrated with Webflow. These can add eye-catching elements to your site. Please note that 3D requests may require slightly longer timelines.

Is there any type of work you don't cover?

Web Development - On Pro plan, we only offer Webflow development with simple typography and layout animations. For custom Javascript or React code, we can accommodate that through a custom Super plan.

2D Animation - We focus on creating web UI animations optimized for Lottie. We do not produce standalone 2D animations for video explainers or complex character animation involving rigging and frame-by-frame work.

3D Animation - While we may use Blender for texture and polygon optimization, our 3D animations are done in Spline for web implementation. We do not handle Three.js, WebGL or other advanced 3D development unless you are on a custom Super plan.

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No Stress
stay out of stress infested waters

If you’re not satisfied within 30-days, then we’ll gladly issue a full refund.

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sunshine stories
Not only is the work insanely cool, these guys know how to make it fun.
Bryce Wong
Nike Web3 senior footwear & virtual product designer
The iterations came so fast and the team was such a delight to work with!
Chris Connor
Director Global Customer Campaigns, Oracle
What sets Supershine apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence.
Jeff Simpson
VP of Creative, Playful Studios
The team went above and beyond our expectations and were a pleasure to work with.
Carly Miles
Senior Marketing Manager, Healthline Media
If you want your imagination to be unleashed, you’re in the right place.
Katie Martell
Public Speaker & Brand Host
If you want your imagination to be unleashed, you’re in the right place. If you want your imagination to be unleashed, you’re in the right place.
Chris Connor
Director Global Customer Campaigns. Oracle
The iterations came so fast and the team was such a delight to work with!
Chris Connor
Director Global Customer Campaigns. Oracle
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